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Pankaj Singh

( Coach, Football )

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EAST DELHI CUP 2017's profile

Queen Global International School, C-Block, Delhi, India

Read the following set of instructions/rules/formalities to understand all the aspects of the tournament: Registration : The last date of registration is 21st June, 2017. Registrations can only be made through Cash deposit with any of the organizers mentioned in the poster. Documents : The AADHAR Card photocopies have to be submitted in the mentioned format only. The photocopies of at least 5 players have to be submitted at the time of registration. The remaining 3 players can be mentioned before the first match of first round. No new player can be added in the squad under any circumstances after the first match. In case a team fails to produce documents before their first match, the team will be disqualified. The organizers will not entertain any queries once a team has been disqualified. The players once registered cannot be replaced. Only the empty slots can be filled once registered. Fixtures : The fixtures along with timings will be posted on our official Facebook Page : a day before the tournament. No changes can be made once the fixtures have been announced. If you have any time constraints, kindly mention at the time of registrations. Format : -5 a side, ie, 4 outfield players + 1 Goalkeeper -Knock out tournament -10 Minute Half -No Throw ins, only kick ins. -In case of a draw, a penalty shootout of 3 Penalties each taken against a goalkeeper. -If any team fails to reach to the field within 2 minutes of the time mentioned in the fixtures, the opponent will be given a 'victory by walk over'. The registration amount of such teams will not be returned under any circumstances. Protests : East Delhi Cup is a reputed annual football tournament. We maintain a strict code of conduct. All players are checked and verified before the fixtures are announced. In case any team feels a need to protest against any opponent, the same has to be done within an hour after the full time whistle of the particular game in question. Awards : U - 14 Winners - Rs.4000/- + Trophy & Medals U - 14 Runners Up - 1000/- + Trophy & Medals U - 17 Winners - Rs.8000/- + Trophy & Medals U - 17 Runners Up - 2000/- + Trophy & Medals *The Player of the Tournament and The Top Scorer to be awarded separately. All the best!