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Footsoul 2017

A 7 a side tournament ,having a total number of 10 players in a team PRIZE MONEY -25000 register at

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tournament prize
Prize Money

Rs. 25000 /-

tournament price
Entry Fees

Rs. 1500 /-

tournament date
Tournament Date

23 Mar to 25 Mar, 17

Sports :
Venue : Delhi Technological University,Delhi
Date Posted : 14-Feb-2017
Contact : 1234567890 to shubham
Email :
Organizer : Bhaskar Chaudhary
  • Matches shall be played according to the rules of fifa as adopted from time to time by the all india football federation unless otherwise modified. Their is no minimum numbers of subsitituion .a team can have multiple number of substititon during match with consent of refree (rollling substituion). The duration of match will be 30 min. with 15 min half each with a break of 5 min as half time. The matches will of knockout kind. A team should not have more than 10 players, with 7 players inside the field and 3 as subsitutes. When the ball goes out of play, the ball will be kicked in to start the play. throw in shall not be allowed. Offside will not be considered during the gameplay although goal hanging should be taken care of. If the score is equal at the end of game ,the final winner will be decided with the help of penalty(one –step) Matches will be conducted at sports complex (dtu football field). Bibs will be provided by the organising team. 1 year ago

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